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Feature Overview

Motive supports a wide array of features out of the box to help you create your Mobile AR app or game. The Motive Scripting Engine lets you craft experiences that use any or all of these features and link them together in any way you can imagine.


Motive allows you to add interactive AR items to the world in a number of different ways:

  • Location AR places AR items at GPS locations
  • Scene AR populates AR based on the user’s position (great for indoors)
  • Marker AR uses a maker-based system like Vuforia to attach AR items to physical objects

You can attach almost anything, from images to 3D objects to videos. The best part is that you can use these AR items interchangeably and create experiences that move between them seamlessly. More information can be found in this article.

Maps & Points of Interest

Motive gives you a powerful tool to populate game maps and take advantage of real-world points of interest. You can author your own points of interest, or use our Adaptive Content Engine to create experiences that work anywhere in the world.

Playable Content

Using Playable Content lets you push content (image/text/audio/video) to the user using any of the huge variety of real-world and gaming conditions that the Motive scripting engine can monitor.


The Motive audio engine has been used by sound designers, composers, and filmmakers to create immersive experiences. When playing audio, you can target different audio tracks that will handle your audio files in different ways:

  • Ambient audio is played on demand.
  • Locative audio lets you attach audio sources to GPS locations to create a binaural 3D soundscape that reacts as you move.
  • Narrator audio plays in sequence and ducks other audio sources so that the narrator’s voice can always be clearly heard.
  • Soundtrack channel lets you create a dynamic soundtrack that reacts and changes as the experience unfolds

Branching Narrative & Adaptive Content

The Motive scripting engine lets developers and content creators craft branching narrative experiences that can adapt in real time to any number of conditions: from the time of day, the local weather, what kind of locations are near the player, what items the player has collected, decisions the player has made, and much, much more.


Motive apps have a player Inventory and Wallet that keeps track of items they’ve collected. These items can be treated in any number of ways, for example:

  • Rewards for completing tasks.
  • Ingredients used for crafting.
  • Tools used to interact with other virtual entities (e.g. key opens door).
  • Inspect to see additional information about the item.
  • (Coming soon!) coupons that can be redeemed for real-world rewards.

Of course you can extend this list in any way you see fit using our Unity Templates!


Motive’s gameplay engine can power both narrative-driven games using our powerful scripting engine, as well as open-world games with collection, crafting, and mini games.


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