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Motive has a sophisticated audio engine that lets you play audio in your app in a number of different ways. The audio engine takes advantage of the “Send to” property of Playable Content (you may need to toggle “View” > “Advanced” in the top menu to use this). Each of these routes handles audio in a different way. These are the routes supported by Playable Audio:


Audio is played as it is activated. Multiple Ambient audio sources can play at once. Ambient is the default route if none is chosen.


Soundtrack plays only one audio source at a time. When a new audio source is activated, any existing source is faded out and the new audio is faded in. The old audio is then paused and pushed onto a stack. If the new source is deactivated at any time or stops playing, the previous source will fade back in. This gives you a lot of control over the mood of your app by allowing you to create a soundtrack that dynamically changes.


The Narrator track plays audio items in sequence. The Narrator track also pays attention to the Priority field:

  • Normal – plays items in sequence as they are activated
  • High – added to the front of the Narrator queue, but does not interrupt any currently-playing Narrator audio regardless of the current priority
  • Interrupt – immediately interrupts any currently playing audio
  • Filler – only plays if no other Narrator audio has played for a set period of time (by default 15s). Otherwise is discarded. This gives you the ability to fill in dead space with audio without overwhelming the user if more important audio is playing or has played recently.

Narrator audio automatically “ducks” any Soundtrack or Ambient audio when it plays.

Interaction with the App

Motive apps automatically pause all audio sources in a number of cases to reduce clutter:

  • Viewing a video in a Playable Content
  • Viewing a video connected to a Collectible
  • Viewing a Screen Message or Character Message with attached audio


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