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Motive’s gameplay engine can power both narrative-driven games using our powerful scripting engine, as well as open-world games with collection, crafting, and minigames. Motive’s Tasks and Assignments are built to be so easy to use [something about how we learned how to display them in a way that people understand]

Tasks and Assignments

In Motive, you can assign Tasks to your players for them to complete. These tasks cover a wide spectrum of gameplay, including completing minigames, going to a location to perform an action, or finding a certain type of item. While in progress, these Tasks appear in the Task screen, and a Task can be marked as “selected” to have the UI system direct the player to completing that specific Task.

Tasks can be powerful on their own, but can be even more powerful when combined with Assignments. An Assignment is intended to be used to link Tasks together into a larger story. An Assignment contains a collection of Objectives. These Objectives are marked completed when their corresponding Tasks are completed. When all the corresponding Tasks (and objectives) are marked completed, the Assignment will also be completed.


Utilize the Motive Character system to create a suite of personable Characters for your player to interact with. Each Character has an assignable Character image that represents that Character.


Crafting can be a highly satisfying gameplay element that rewards your players for collecting and playing. Crafting uses the Collectible type. Use the Crafting Recipe catalog type to creating “blueprints” for your players to follow. These recipes define a set of inputs that combine together to craft a set of output items. Using Motive, your players can discover new recipes as they play through the experience. This allows your players to unlock new craftable items as they play.

Interactive Items

Sometimes you want your items to be able to interact with each other. Perhaps your experience has a treasure chest that requires a certain key, or instead, a ghost that can only be captured by certain traps (see Ghost Hunter). With Motive, your collectibles items can be assigned additional action properties. A key might be given an action property of “unlock” that allows it to open a chest. A crowbar might be given this same property, allowing your player to accomplish the same task in multiple ways.


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