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Playable Content

Any type of app wants to present its users with content to view or inspect. This content can be text, audio, or video content. In Motive, these types of content are called Playable Content and can be pushed to the user using Motive Scripts. There are a number of different types of Playable Contents:

  • Screen or Character Message – Shows a screen with room for a title, subtitle, text, and media. A Character message shows text as if the selected character is the speaker. These can also be used to show video.
  • Notification – A simple pop-up with text and an optional image. Notifications can also have a sound attached and have a setting that will vibrate the device when they display. A notification with no text or image will vibrate the device only.
  • Audio – Plays audio using the Motive Audio Playback engine.
  • Locative Audio – Identical to the Locative Audio Resource

Screen and Character messages are intended to display a short message. These Playable Content types can contain Responses which are selectable by the player. This responses can be listened to using Frame Conditions, allowing the player to select a Response which triggers additional game content.

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