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Dashboard – Overview


The Dashboard provides an overview of your Project. You can return to the Projects Screen at any time by clicking the Projects link located in the app information bar.

Motive authoring tab


  1. Sidebar.
  2. Tab View.
  3. Project Information Section.
  4. Navbar.

The Dashboard consists of several sections and tabs. The Sidebar, Navbar, and Project Information sections remain the same regardless of what tab you select in the Sidebar. The Tab View section will change with the current tab selected.


The Dashboard consists of several tabs:

  • Authoring: A tab that is used for the authoring of Scripts and Script Launchers. From this screen you can manage your Scripts, Script Folders, and Script Launchers.
  • Catalogs: The Catalogs tab is used to manage your Catalogs.
  • Media: The Media tab is used to manage all of your Media for your project. This includes, images, sounds, and Unity assets.
  • Manage: The manage tab is used to manage all of your Project Configs.
  • Collaborators: The Collaborators tab is used to manage existing Collaborators on a project. It can also be used to invite new Collaborators.


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