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The Authoring tab organizes all of your Scripts.


  1. Sidebar.
  2. Script Launcher Section.
  3. Script Section.
  4. Activity Feed.
  5. Project Information Section.
  6. Navbar.

Script Launcher Section

A Script Launcher is a special Catalog item that will show up in the “Tours” menu of Explore AR or our Unity templates. Each Script Launcher is associated with one Script. The Script Launcher launches the Script with which it is associated. You can change the Script associated with a Script Launcher at any time.

For example, let’s say you wanted to create a tour called Stories of My Town. First, you would create a new Script Launcher called Stories of My Town. Next, you will be asked to create a new Script and give it a name. Let’s call that it Stories Script. At this point, you will have a Script Launcher called Stories of My Town that is associated with a Script called Stories Script. If you open Explore AR or another Unity template and click on the Tours button, you will see a tour called Stories of My Town. If pressed, it will launch the Stories Script and do whatever has been defined in it.

The Script Launcher section is made up of the following:

  1. Create New button – This creates a new Script Launcher.
  2. Script Launcher Catalog drop down – This contains a list of the Catalogs that contain Script Launchers.
  3. The list of Script Launchers in the selected Catalog.

script launchers

Script Section

The Script section shows the contents of the selected Script Catalog. Script Catalogs contain folders. Folders contain Scripts.

Clicking the New Script button will create a new Script in the root folder.

script catalog

The menu for performing actions on and in a folder appears when you hover over that folder.

authoring-script catalog

  • Selecting add folder will create a subfolder.
  • Selecting new Script will create a Script in this folder.
  • Selecting rename will allow for you to rename this folder.
  • Selecting delete will delete this folder. You cannot delete a folder if it has items in it. You must remove the items before deleting the folder.

The menu for performing actions on a script appears when you hover over that script.

action menu

  • Selecting the title will link you to the editor for this script.
  • The date shown on the right-hand side is the last time that the script was edited.
  • Edit – Opens the Script Editor.
  • Rename – Lets you change the name of the Script
  • Duplicate – Creates a copy of the Script
  • Move – Lets you move the script into another folder
  • Delete – Deletes the Script

Selecting move will put the script section into move mode:

  • In move-mode the Script that is being moved is shown highlighted in blue.
  • While in move-mode you can click any of the move here buttons to move the script to that folder.
  • While in move-mode you can click any of the stop buttons to exit move mode.
  • All other actions still work in move mode.
  • You can move a Script between Catalogs by entering move mode by clicking the Script that you would like to move, switching Catalogs, and selecting a “move here” button where you would like to move the Script.

Activity Feed Section

The Activity Feed section allows for you to see all of the latest activity that is occurring in a given Project.


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