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Catalogs Tab

The Catalogs tab is for the creation and management of different Catalogs. They are grouped by type and you can filter them by title by typing in the search box.

catalogs tab


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Catalogs Section

The Catalogs section shows all of the Catalogs in your project grouped by type. In addition to the list of Catalogs, you can do the following:

  1. Create a new Catalog. You will need to select the Catalog type.
  2. Search for a Catalog
  3. Create a new Catalog of a particular type.

Hovering over a catalog entry allows you to see the action that can be performed on it.

  • The system name is shown, in this case “ghost_collectibles” if you ever need to reference a Catalog by name in a Unity Template, this is the name to use.
  • Edit will take you to the editor for this Catalog.
  • Rename allows you to rename this Catalog.
  • Duplicate allows for you to create a duplicate of this Catalog.
  • Selecting delete allows for you to delete this Catalog.

If the Catalog items are being referenced elsewhere, the Catalog will fail to delete. You must remove these references before deleting a Catalog.

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