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Manage Tab

The Manage Tab lets you create and edit your Project Configs. Project Configs contain the Catalogs that you want to be available to Explore AR or one of our Unity templates. Your Project should have a default configuration set up for your Project. In most instances, you will not need to change this.

You can do the following on the Manage Tab:

  1. Create New – This button creates a new Project Config.
  2. Publish – This will Publish the current Project Config.
  3. Available Catalogs – This is a list of all of the Catalogs in the Project that have not been added to the Selected Catalogs list. You can drag Catalogs from this list into the Selected Catalogs list.
  4. Selected Catalogs – All of the Catalogs in the current Project Config. You can add more Catalogs by dragging from the Available Catalogs list into this one. Also, you can remove a Catalog from this list by dragging it back into the Available Catalogs list.
  5. Save – Saves any changes you have made to the Project Config.
  6. Cancel – Reverts the Project Config to its last saved state.

Hover on the entry that it created and select Edit.

edit config

You will have a default config set up for you. Unless you are an advanced user, it is unlikely that you will need to create another one.

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