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Media Tab

The Media Tab shows you all of the uploaded media that is available to your project.

media catalog


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Media Library Section

The media library consists of a set of views and simple actions that can be taken on each view:

  • Add New Media Item

  • From any of the screens in the Media Library you can click the “Add New” button.
  • This button launches the uploader screen seen above.

This uploader guides you through uploading the Media Item and optionally adding it to a Catalog.

  • Standard View: The standard view allows for you to get a quick overview of all of your Media Items. Images are shown as square previews.


  1. The table view button will change the view to the table mode.
  2. The standard view button will have no effect as it is currently already showing that view.
  3. You can also filter by media type using the Media Type Filter.
  4. You can search by title by using the search bar.
  5. Clicking a Media Item launches a modal in which the file can be previewed, and an assortment of actions can be performed on it.
  6. You can change pages by using the bar at the bottom.

  • Here you can rename the Media Item.
  • You can delete the Media Item permanently as well.
  • A list of all Catalogs in which this item is used is present as well.
    • Clicking on an entry here will launch the editor for that Catalog.
  • Table View: The table item view allows for you to see a concise view of the items in your Media Library.

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