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Setting Up a New Project


This post will cover the steps for setting up a new Unity project or mobile-only application. This involves supplying certain security credentials to link your project space in the authoring tool to your application.

There are two possible ways to test a Motive project:

  1. Authenticate using your Motive Authoring tool credentials.
  2. Authenticate using only your App ID and API Key.

Authenticate By Login

When connecting your Motive project to your application, first a security check must be passed. If authenticate with login is enabled, the user will need to sign into the app using their Motive Authoring tool credentials. After they have successfully signed in, the user will be able to select a Project and a Project Config to load.

Make sure you first enter your app credentials, otherwise your sign-in will fail. Follow this article to setup your app id and api key: Configure Credentials.

To authenticate by login (default) make sure to set the setting property on Dynamic Config to yes. This will cause the system to ignore the dynamic config set on the App > Setup object and require the user to login.

This method of signing in to select a Project and Project Config is intended to be used for testing purposes only. You should NEVER give away your login credentials.

Authenticate With Credentials

If you would like to remove the login from your app and only authenticate with credentials, see Configure Credential for information on removing the login screen.

You will also need to set the setting property on Dynamic Config to no. This will cause the system to load the Config that is assigned on App > Setup.


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