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Asset Bundle Management


Motive allows for you to dynamically control 3d assets. To achieve this it uses Unity asset bundles.
The following is the current flow for creating asset bundles, uploading them to Motive, and wiring up the Motive resources for them.

This is a more advanced task so familiarity with creating and managing catalogs is assumed. If you do not know how to do this have a look here.


Before we begin there are some important notes:

Firstly, currently this process is a bit tedious. Be on the lookout for our upcoming editor extension that will turn this into just a few clicks!

Secondly, Unity will drop any scripts that are not being used. This means that if you add a prefab to an asset bundle that has a script that is not used anywhere else, the script will not exist at runtime. To avoid this, make a note of the scripts that are attached to the prefabs you use and add them to a game object in your scene. This will ensure that the scripts don’t get dropped. Once again the upcoming plugin will handle this.

Thirdly, Unity uses a left hand coordinate system. Y is up and down, X is left to right, and Z is depth. If you come from a different background such as engineering this may be different than what you are used to. So when you go to position the asset keep this in mind.

Finally, and most importantly as you go through these steps, make note of the following as it will make the final step of this much easier:

The exact name of the asset (case and space sensitive) | The name of the asset bundle you add it to.

Having this mapping of which asset belongs to which bundle and the name of the asset will be very important. If the names are not exact then it will not work.

The first step is to prepare the asset bundles.

Managing Asset Bundles


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