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Uploading the asset bundles

Upload Asset Bundles

Uploading Unity asset bundles is the same as uploading any type of media item.

1) Create the media item catalog that you would like to use for the asset bundles.
Choosing a name that you can easily remember for the catalog is best practice.(such as “Asset bundle media items”)

2) Upload the asset bundles that unity created. You do not need the .meta files, just the bundles themselves.

Uploading files to

Here for example, only the cannon bundle needs to be uploaded. The cannon.manifest.meta, canon.meta and cannon.manifest may be ignored.
When naming the asset bundles it is best practice to name them with a “-{PlatformName}” so for example if uploading a “cannon” bundle that was built for iOS, you would want to name it cannon-iOS.
Doing this will make the next step much easier.


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