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Creating Motive Unity Assets

Creating Motive Unity Assets

The last step in the process of managing Unity asset bundles in Motive is to create the Unity assets. Conceptually, these represent one single entity from the asset bundle.
That is, if you had an asset bundle containing a 3d assets of a brand of cars, one Unity asset would represent a specific model from that set.

Create the Assets

1.) Create the catalog, it should be of type “motive.unity.asset”. Unity Asset

2.) Name each asset and point it to it’s corresponding bundle.

This is where the list of the asset bundles that was made earlier becomes very useful. The assets need to be named exactly the same as their corresponding prefab in Unity.

Once this is done you are ready to use your assets!
Take a look at the Ghost Hunter sample project or the Explore AR sample project for some good examples on how to use them!

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