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Collectibles and Inventory

Collectibles represent virtual items that the player collects as they play the game. Collectibles end up in a player’s Inventory on the device. You can control the flow of a Motive script based on an Inventory Condition (e.g. unlock a frame after a player collects a certain number of items.)

By default the Inventory is persisted locally, but is not synced to a server. (One exception: the game data folder on iOS devices is included in iCloud backup, so players that move to a new device should keep all of their game state intact.) Read the Storage Manager section to read up on how you can swap in a new storage mechanism.

Collectibles have attributes that affect how they’re handled by the system. You can easily add your own attributes.

  • Singleton – Represents a collectible that the user can only ever have one of or where counting the number doesn’t really make sense to the game. The count for a singleton collectible isn’t displayed by default.
  • Archive – Archive items stay in the player’s inventory even if they are “put” as an action in a task.
  • Tool – Tools are configured use the active entity system to take action on other entities.
  • Ingredient – Ingredients are used in crafting games as inputs to recipes to craft other collectibles.
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