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Script Engine

Motive Scripts are the heart of the Motive authoring system. A full explanation of Motive Scripts and how they are processed can be found here.

Motive Scripts interact with your app through a Script Processor. Script Processors have three general areas of integration.

Resource Processors

Resource Processors are used by the Script Processor to send Resources to your app. In general, a Resource Processor handles “Activate” and “Deactivate” when that Resource is activated by the Script Processor.

Condition Monitors

Condition Monitors process conditions that are used as Frame conditions or by Selector Trees for dynamic settings and adaptive content. At a minimum, a Condition Monitor simply implements logic that can answer a “yes/no” question. More advanced Condition Monitors will also monitor “waiting conditions” to update their state if the system state changes.

Select Processors

Select Processors are used much less frequently. A Select Processor allows you inject special values for specific variable types when using Selectors and dynamic settings.

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