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How to Integrate Mapbox

Get a Mapbox token and connect Mapbox to Unity

Sign up for Mapbox to get an Access token

Go to

Click Sign Up

Create your account

Follow the instructions to create an account

Got to Mapbox studio

Find your Access token

On the right-hand column (with Home tab selected)

Copy Access token

Click the Copy icon

Open the Unity project

Open the Ghost Hunter project in Unity

Go to WebServices

In the Unity Hierarchy tab

  1. expand Motive
  2. click on WebServices

Paste your Mapbox token into the Mapbox Access Token field

Create your own Mapbox style or use any default value

Navigate to Mapbox studio Styles page

Click Styles in the Mapbox studio menu

Next to the map style you want, click the menu icon

Click the Copy icon to copy the Style URL

Paste the Style URL into the Unity

Click Play

The Ghost Hunter Sample should now be running


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