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How To Integrate Vuforia

The initial setup for using Vuforia with Motive.

This article details the steps to setup a Motive project space to utilize the Vuforia Unity SDK through Motive. Vuforia integation is a premium feature that may not be enabled for your space, or may not be enabled in your Unity template.

Vuforia Developer Setup

A Vuforia developer will have to be created before continuing. Once an account is created, navigate to the Vuforia Developer portal. Once there, navigate to the Target Manager and Add a Database. When creating a database, choose the type “Device”.

Once the database is created, add single-image targets to this database.

Download Vuforia Database

Next step is to download this Vuforia database we have created. Select your database and choose Download Database. Choose “Android Studio, Xcode or Visual Studio.” You will download a .zip file you will have to extract. There should be two files: a .dat and a .xml.

Upload the Database Files

Navigate to your Motive project space. You will now upload the .dat and .xml files associated with your Vuforia Database as Media Items. You can add these files to an existing Media Item Catalog, or can create a new Media Item Catalog (probably preferred) named something like “Vuforia Databases”.

Once you have a Media Item Catalog, enter and choose to create New Item. Click Choose Media Item and you will see a popup of any media items you have uploaded to the server. Upload the .dat file and assign it to this media Item. You will then have to create another Media Item (New Item button) and do the same with the .xml file.

Create a Target Database Catalog

Create a new catalog of type “Target Database”. Open this catalog and click to create a new item. Choose the Media Items we uploaded in the previous step for the Data File and XML File fields.

Create a Image Target Catalog a new catalog of type “Image Target”. Open this catalog and click to create a new item. For the Database field, choose the Target Database item we created in the previous step.

The Name field is important to set properly. It must exactly match the name of the image as it is in the Vuforia Developer portal. See below.

Use Vuforia in Motive Scripts

If you got this far.. great job! Now you’re ready to utilize the power of Vuforia from within Motive. Check out these support articles to see how.


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