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Assign Media to a Vuforia Image Target

How to overlay images/videos on a Vuforia image target.

This article assumes you have successfully followed the steps outlined in [permalink id=’3208′ text=’How To Integrate Vuforia’].

Use a Visual Marker Media Resource

Create a [permalink id=’1843′ text=’Script’] and navigate into that script. On the right hand side, drag and drop a Visual Marker Media resource into the center column. Beside Markers, click Add From Catalog. Now select 1 or more Vuforia image targets that you have already created. Next, choose an Audio or Video [permalink id=’2126′ text=’Media Item’] to assign to Media.

Now, when you run this script, the Visual Marker Media resource will assign your selected media to the selected image target. If you enter the camera-AR mode in your app you will see this media overlay the target.

Unassign Media to a Vuforia Target

Once this script runs, the media will stay assigned to the target indefinitely until the app shutdowns. To remove this assignment, use a [permalink id=’1856′ text=’Deactivate Resource’] resource and target the Visual Marker Media resource that is created earlier in the same script.

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