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Enable Vuforia in Unity

WARNING – Older Motive projects may not have Vuforia resources and catalogs enabled. Contact Motive to enable Vuforia for your project. Alternatively you can create a new project, as any new projects will have Vuforia enabled by default.


WARNING – As of 2018/05/22 AR Core and Vuforia are not compatible together and only one can be enabled in a Motive/Unity app.


This article will cover how to update an existing Motive Unity project to enable Vuforia.

  1. The first step is to update your Unity Player Settings.
    • Go to your Player Settings (Edit > Project Settings > Player)
    • For each operating system (standalone, iOS, Android):
      • Under “Other Settings” find “Scripting Define Symbols”. Add the MOTIVE_VUFORIA symbol to the defined symbols, making sure symbols are separated by a semi-colon (;). For Android, be sure to remove the MOTIVE_ARCORE symbol.
      • Enable Vuforia under XR Settings. For Android, make sure ARCore is disabled.
  2. In your Project search bar, search for VuforiaConfiguration.
    • Add your Vuforia license key here.
    • Also make sure delayed initialization is checked.
    • Max Simultaneous Tracked images/targets both set to a higher value (4 is often sufficient)
  3. Often the Vuforia project files do not automatically import into your Unity project. To trigger the import, right click on your scene Hierarchy tab and add any asset under Vuforia. This will trigger the import and bring Vuforia into your project. After importing, make sure to delete the scene object you created.
  4. Now we need to re-import all project assets. Right click on your project files and select Reimport all. This might take some time.
  5. Remove the existing AR World object from you scene. Find the prefab AR World – Vuforia and drag this into your scene.
  6. Now test, if errors are showing you should try closing Unity and re-opening your project before anything else.
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