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Vuforia Game Object Interaction

This article assumes you have followed the steps outlining how to setup your project space for integration with Vuforia (Vuforia setup). Also assumed is you have tested assigning media to a Vuforia Image Target. Now, this article outlines how to handle user-interaction with these Image Targets and media.

On User Sees Object

Frames can be assigned a Tracking Visual Marker precondition. This precondition tracks a Vuforia Image Target and is considered true whenever the user “sees” the Image Target with their camera. In the example below, as soon as the image target enters the camera’s vision, a screen message appears that congrats the player for finding the item.

On User Taps Object

Using an Inspector resource, you can handle a user tapping the image target and display a Screen Message, with responses if wanted. These responses can be listened for as preconditions in other Frames, so that the selected response can be handled appropriately.

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