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A Collectible item is an inventory item that can be “collected”. Collectibles are an important Motive type: they can be the reward for a Simple Task, an ingredient for a Crafting Recipe, and more. Collectible items are referenced by Resources and other Catalog items.

Collectibles are defined and created in a Collectible Catalog.


  • Title

The title of this Collectible to display.

  • Description

A description of this Collectible to display when the user inspects it.

  • Image

A Media Item image that represents this Collectible.

  • Attachments

A set of Content items to be attached to the Collectible.

  • Inventory Order

A number. Represents the level of priority for this item when displaying the user’s Inventory. A¬†Collectible with an Inventory Order of 0 would be sorted to display first (or would attempt to display first if other collectibles with a 0 Order value).

  • Inventory Path

Used to store similar Inventory items grouped together within the Inventory View.

  • Story Tags

Associates the Collectible with a Story Tag so the Collectible can be found in those Location Types.

  • 3D Model

A 3D Asset representing this Collectible.

  • Emitted Actions

A collection of possible Emitted Actions. More information can be found at Recipes.

  • Received Actions

A collection of possible Received Actions. More information can be found at Recipes.


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