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Task Objective


A Task Objective represent an objective that can be completed by the user. On its own, a Task Objective does not add any functionality to your app experience. It must be combined with the [permalink id=2306 text=’Assignment’] resource. The Assignment resource displays a list of Task Objectives to the user. If a Task Objective is assigned to a Task ([permalink id=2313 text=’Simple Task’], [permalink id=2307 text=’Character Task’], Location Task), then it will be marked as completed when that Task is completed. Alternatively, a Task Objective can be marked completed by using the [permalink id=2308 text=’Complete Objective’] resource.

More information can be found by reading the [permalink id=2306 text=’Assignment’] docs.


  • Name

The name for this Task Objective.

  • Title

The title for this Task Objective.

  • Description

A description for this Task Objective to display if the user inspects it.

  • Image

[permalink id=2126 text=’Media Item’] image that represents this task.

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