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A Condition is something that has a Boolean value to it. That is, it is either true or false.

Conditions are used in multiple places. They can be used as a Frame precondition to restrict the activation of a Frame, or as a Postcondition to close a Frame, or as a parameter of certain Resource items.

All Conditions support the logical operator NOT. The logical operator ‘not’ flips the Boolean value. That is, true becomes false, and false becomes true. This allows for you to make sure that something is not true before executing some portion of logic. An example of this would be only showing a user a screen if they had never seen it before, or only giving them a reward if they do not already have it.

All Conditions are scoped to the context of their Script, unless explicitly stated.

Conditions will only evaluate to true once unless the Frame is reset or it is a Live Frame.

A Condition must be “listening” in order for it to be found true. A Condition will only be listening if the Frame in which it is contained has been processed. If a Condition does not seem to be working despite its requirements being met, ask yourself, has it been processed yet?

Condition Drop Down Menu

Inside of the drop-down menu, you can find all of the conditions that are available to you as a user.

If there are any missing from your list here, you can inquire about turning on that feature set by contacting us.

The names of the conditions attempt to be as descriptive as possible.

condition menu



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