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Location Match Condition


This looks for a type of location or locations within a defined range of an origin point. As an example, you could look for a coffee shop near the user. The coffee shop it finds will be different depending on where the user is when this Condition is evaluated. If the user is in Vancouver, Berlin or somewhere else, it will look for a coffee shop close by.

Ranges can be added to the Condition to ensure that the user is within a certain distance from the location type. In our example, you could say this Condition will be true if a user is within 200 meters of a coffee shop.

The origin is the location is a GPS point from which it will look for the type of location(s) specified within the defined range. If no origin is specified, it will use the location of the user.


  • Negate Result

If selected, the truth value will be the opposite for this condition. That is, when it would be normally true it will be false, and when it would normally be false it will be true.

  • Location Types

The types of locations for which it will look. These are categories of locations such as coffee shop, restaurant, gym, etc…

  • Name Match

Checks the location name to see if it matches this value. This can be used in conjunction with location type, to specify a specific company or storefront. For example, if you’re looking for coffee shops, you could use the Name Match “Starbucks” to find Starbucks coffee shops.

  • Story Tags

The Story Tag at which this should be true.  A Story Tag is a predefined group of Location Types.

  • Range

The range at which this location should be true. This range is relative to the origin.

  • Origin

The location in the world at which to evaluate this condition. If left blank, it will default to the user’s location.

  • Count

The number of locations that must satisfy the requirements for this condition to be true.

  • Heading Preference

The preferred heading for this to be true. This follows the degrees of a circle as can be seen in (1).

  • Location Source

The provider of location data.

  • Additional Filters

Any additional filters that must be met for this to be true.

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