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Managing Media

Find the media library and upload images, video, and audio.

Uploading and using media files is an important skill to successfully author Scripts in Motive. Their are 2 kinds of Media and it is very important to understand the distinction.

The first media type to understand is Media File. This is the actual file (.wav, .jpg, .png, etc.) that you upload to the Motive server. To view the Media Files for your project, head to the project dashboard and click on the “Media” tab. Here you can see all the Media Files that have been uploaded to the server. To use these Media Files in a Script or Catalog Item, they must first be assigned to a Media Item Catalog.

The second media type to understand is Media Item. A Media Item is a Catalog type. To view your Media Items, go to your project dashboard and click on the “Catalogs” tab. Find the  “Media Item” type, or create a new catalog of type “Media Item”. In this Catalog are all the Media Items that can be referenced from other Catalogs or scripts. When authoring Motive Scripts, it is possible to create the Catalog of Media Items BEFORE you upload you Media Files. This is helpful, as it will allow you to author Scripts before the content (images, audio, video) is ready.

An example of Media Files and Media Items at work. A Character references a Media Item, which in turn references the Media File image of the old man.


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