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AR Task


This defines an action that the user can take on an AR object. Optionally, a Character can tell the user to take the action on the AR object. The action may require one or more items. Once the action is successfully taken, the user can be given a Reward. This Task must be completed in AR Mode.


  • AR Objects

The augmented reality object to be acted upon.

  • Character (optional)

The character to who tells the user to perform the Task.

  • Title

The Title of the Task.

  • Action Range

The distance the user must be within to the AR Object in order to take the Action.

  • Description

The Task Description.

  • Image

An image associated with the Task. This will appear in the Task List in Explore AR or any of our Unity templates.

  • Action

The action to be take upon the AR Object.

  • Action Items (optional)

Zero or more items required to take the Action.

  • Reward

Currencies or Collectibles that the user receives upon successful completion of the Task.


  • Activate
  • Deactivate
  • Complete
  • Close

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