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How to Create a Location Task

Have a player do something at a location. Collect items, deliver something, encounter a creature, etc.

A Location Task is a player objective that must be completed at or near a location.

Find the Location Task command in the command list on the right side of the editor

Drag & drop the Location Task command into the center of the editor

From the Action dropdown, select the action your player takes

In the example above we choose the action: take.

The list of actions players can take are defined by you.

Beside Action Items, click +

A subsection appears.

Beside Collectibles, click +

Another section appears.

Beside the newest Collectibles, click ‘Add From Catalog’

Select a collectible from the panel

In this example we choose the item Amulet.


The collectible is added to the task settings.


Set the location for the task

The the dynamic settings panel appears.


Give your task a title

From the dropdown, select Choose Random Location

This will spawn a location at random.


Set the Minimum and Maximum distance for the location to spawn

This distance is measured in from the player. The measurement is meters.

With the above settings Min Distance 25 and Max Distance 75 the location will spawn at least 25 meters away from the player.

Close the panel

Give the task a Title and a Description

Click Save

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