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Location AR Asset


This Resource places an AR Asset at a location that can be seen via AR Mode. For example, use this Resource to place a 3D astronaut at a street corner.


  • Locations

One or more locations from a Location Catalog.

  • Asset Instance

The 3D Unity Asset to be viewable via the AR Mode.

  • Always Face Viewer

Check this box to ensure that, regardless of the direction from which the location is approached, the Asset will appear at a consistent angle to the user.

  • Distance Variation

This determines how close the AR Asset appears from the user.

  • Fixed Distance

The Asset always appears the same distance from the user

  • Linear Variation

The Asset appears ‘closer’ as the user walks towards it

  • Visible Range

The Min/Max distance in which the AR Asset can be seen via AR Mode


  • Activate
  • Deactivate

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