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Location Task


Creates a Task where the user must travel to a location to perform an action.


  • Locations
    • The Location(s) where the user must be to perform the action. If multiple Locations are selected, the user may go to any one of the locations and when the action is performed, all locations will be removed from the map.
  • Marker
    • If set, will override the default map annotation for this Location Task. PAGE_BREAK: PageBreak
  • Character
    • May populate some of the panel images with the Character image. Depends on Unity project implementation.
  • 3D Marker
    • Places a 3D model on the map in place of a flat 2D image.
  • Title
    • The title to display.
  • Description
    • A description of the Task for the player to read.
  • Image
    • An image to display that represents this Task. Will display on the Task panel when the Task is selected. This is not the image shown on the map.
  • Action Range
    • The distance at which the user must be to perform the action. Max designates how close the user must be. Rule of thumb is to set Max to at least 25. For a bigger location (park, mall, etc.) it is recommended to set this value to something larger.
  • Chosen Location (output)
    • Select an existing Location Dynamic Variable. Use when this Location Task has multiple Locations selected and it is necessary to know which Location the user uses. When the user completes the Task, the Dynamic Variable will be populated with the Location the user used.
  • Action
    • What Action the user must perform at the Location. See Task for more info.
  • Action Items
    • Items that correspond to the Action taken. The user may need to “put” items at a Location, or may need to “exchange” these items for the Reward items.
  • Reward
    • Items given to the user when the Task is completed.
  • Outcomes
    • A Task Objective that will be marked as complete when this Task is completed.
  • Attributes
    • Legacy attribute. Can be used to alter the display of the task. Only “hidden” is relevant for Location Tasks.
  • Timeout
    • Sets a time limit to perform this Task. This resource will emit “TIMEOUT” if the Action is not performed before the timer ends.
  • Replayable
    • If true, this Location Task will persist after completed. For example, if a Character sells items at Location, after the player “EXCHANGES” with the Character, the Character will not disappear.
  • Minigame
    • A minigame to play at this Location.


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