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Location Valuables


This Resource is used to place Currency and/or Collectible items at Locations. These items can then be collected by the user .

When choosing which Locations to drop items at, you can select any number of static Locations that you have created in a Location Catalog. Also, you can use the Location Types and Location Story Tags parameter to dynamically select any nearby Locations that match any of the selected Location Types or Story Tags.


  • Locations

A set of Location(s) to place the items at.

  • Valuables

A set of Currency and/or Collectible items to place at the selected Locations.

  • Location Types

A set of Location Type tags. Any Location that matches at least one of the Location Type tags will be added to the set of selected Locations.

A set of Location Story Tags. Any Location that matches at least one of the Story Tags will be added to the set of selected Locations.

  • Probability

A number between 0 and 1. This is the probability that the selected items will appear at a Location. For each selected Location, a random number is created between 0 and 1. If this random number is greater-than-or-equal-to the probability value set here then the items will appear at that Location. A random number is generated for each Location. For example, if the probability is set to “0.5”, approximately half of the selected Locations will receive the selected items. Set this value to “1” to guarantee that the selected items will appear at all selected Locations.

  • Collect Options (Optional)

Variations on how Valuables can be collected.

  • Respawnable

Valuables will reappear at Locations once collected.

  • Collect Range

Mix/Max distance to the Location the user must be within in order to collect the Valuables.

  • Collection Mechanism

Defines if the collection action happens in the Map View or in AR Mode.


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