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Core Resources

The Motive Core Resources available in the script editor.

Find the script Resources on right hand side of the editor

Overview of Motive Core Resources

Click on each resource title to view more details about the resource.

Close Frame

Closes a target frame. Everything in the frame stops processing immediately. All children of that frame close.

Custom Event

Announces an event. Use in conjunction with a Script Event Condition set to listen for that event. You can jump to any frame.

Deactivate resource

Halt a specific Command in another frame without closing the whole frame. If you want other contents of that frame to remain active, use this command instead of Close Frame.

End Script

Terminates a script. Shuts down the entire script in which the resource is contained.

Launch New Script

Launches a new script.

Replay Frame

Use to replay a target frame. Can reset the state of a frame before replay.

Beware of infinite loop! It’s best to set a Max Replay number.

Story Point

Use to record or announce player or story checkpoints. Marks player progress in a campaign.


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