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Gaming Resources

The Motive Gaming Resources available in the script editor.

Find the script resources on the right-hand side of the editor

Overview of Motive Gaming Resources

Activate Recipe

Make a crafting recipe available to the player.

Add to Inventory

Place (or remove) collectibles into the player’s inventory.

Add to Wallet

Add or remove currencies from a player’s inventory. For example, coins, gems, mana, XP.


A collection of tasks. The assignment is complete when all of the required tasks are complete.

Character Task

Tell the player to interact with a character, optionally involving an exchange of valuables (collectibles or currency).

Currency Limits

Adjust maximum currency limit for the player wallet. Can be used to level up or expand inventory capacity.

Interface Action

General purpose resource that tells your game interface to “do something.” How you define “something” is up to you. Add fields to the Interface Action Items enumeration to suit your needs.

Playable Content

Display text, images, play audio or video content downloaded from the server.


Playback media of various types.

Character Message

NPC dialog in text or audio.

Screen Message

Display a message or information to the player from the game itself. As opposed to from a character.


Playback audio, music, sound effects, etc.


An alert from the game that takes up less screen space than a Screen Message. Can be configured to send push notifications.

Player Reward

Reward the player with collectables and currency. Often used to announce the event to the player with fanfare.

Simple Task

Simple task for the player to do. Set the action parameter to define the action the player needs to take.


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