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The Assignment resource is used to group a collection of Task Objectives. The Assignment will be marked complete when all the Task Objectives are complete.

When the Assignment is activated, it will activate any Task Objectives that have not been marked “hidden”. These non-hidden objectives will be displayed on the Assignment screen (implementation dependent). When a Task Objective is completed, the Assignment screen will update to display this.

A Task Objective can be marked completed in two ways. An objective can be assigned to a Task. When that Task is completed, the assigned Task Objective will also be marked as completed. Alternatively, the Complete Objective resource can be used to explicitly mark an objective as complete.

A Task Objective can be marked as “hidden” so it will not appear in the Assignment screen. If so, it will not be displayed until the Activate Objective resource is used.


  • Title

The title to display.

  • Description

The description to display.

  • Assigning Character

The Character who is associated with this Assignment.

  • Objectives

A list of Task Objectives. When all non-optional objectives are completed, this Assignment will be completed

    • Hidden

Marks this Task Objective as hidden when the Assignment first activates.

    • Optional

Marks this Task Objective as optional.


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