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Character Task


Creates a Task where the user must interact with a selected Character.


  • Character

The Character with whom to interact.

  • Title

The title to display.

  • Description

The description to display.

  • Image

A Media Item image to display for this Character Task.

  • Action

An action to take. Implementation specific.

  • Action Items

Items related to the selected Action.

  • Reward

A collection of Collectible and Currency types to give to the player when this Character Task is completed.

  • Outcomes

A collection of Task Objectives to be marked as complete when this Character Task is completed.

  • Attributes

Assignable attributes to query and process when this Character Task is activated.

  • Timeout

Timer Condition. Gives a time limit to this Character Task. Must be competed before the timer finishes.

  • Replayable

Allows the user to replay this task if the timeout occurs.

  • Minigame

A Minigame to play when this Character Task is selected by the user.


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