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Simple Task


Creates a Task that the user must complete immediately.

More advanced tasks include: [permalink id=2307 text=’Character Task’] and Location Task.


  • Title

The title to display.

  • Description

The description to display.

  • Image

A [permalink id=2126 text=’Media Item’] image to display for this Task.

  • Action

An action to take. Implementation specific.

  • exchange

    The user must leave the Action Items in exchange for the Reward Items. The user can see what the Reward Items are before accepting.

  • put

    The user must leave the Action Items.

  • take

    The user must take the Action Items.

  • custom

    Can extend possible actions by adding items to the [permalink id=2231 text=’Enumerable’] list “Task Action”.

  • Action Items

A collection of [permalink id=2194 text=’Collectible’] and Currency types to use with the selected Action.

  • Reward

A collection of Collectible and Currency types to give to the user when this Task is completed. If the “exchange” Action is selected, the Reward items will be shown to the user before they accept to complete the task.

  • Outcomes

A collection of [permalink id=2018 text=’Task Objectives’] to be marked as complete when this Task is completed.

  • Attributes

A collection of assignable attributes.

  • Timeout

Timer Condition. Gives a time limit to this Task. Must be competed before the timer finishes.

  • Replayable

Allows the user to replay this task if the timeout occurs.

  • Minigame

A minigame to trigger when this task is activated. Implementation specific.


  • [permalink id=1909 text=’Activate’]
  • [permalink id=1912 text=’Deactivate’]
  • Complete
  • Close

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