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    Ive been using the AR hunter template to build my game. In this case to launch a new quest i need to go to Settings->Scripts->Quest->Reset & Launch.

    While this is ok for testing this may not be great for the end users experience. Is it possible to select and load quests before the game screen comes on? Maybe a simple UI with a list of quests and selecting a quest will launch the game with that quest loaded. How would i go about doing this?

    Please let me know.



    Hi there,

    There are two ways of having a Motive Script auto launch on start.

    The first is to have a “main” script that will be automatically launched on start. You can configure this script to launch any other scripts using a Launch New Script resource. See this for more info: https://support.motive.io/documentation/web-based-authoring-tool/script/ .

    Another way of auto-launching scripts is to use a Script Launcher. These can be found on your project dashboard, under the Authoring tab. A Script Launcher is linked to a Script. If you click on the “edit item” link on the Script Launcher, you can find additional options, one of which is “Autoplay”. This will cause this Script Launcher, and the associated Script, to activate on start.

    p.s. If a Script Launcher is not “autoplay” it can be found in the Explore AR app by clicking the top-left hamburger icon then selecting “Tours”.



    Hey Raymon,

    Thanks for this. I was able to get autoplay running on my quest. I can also see it in the “Tours” Menu option and can select to choose a quest.

    I also saw in the script launcher you had a “Duration” field, does this mean that the quest/script stops after the “duration” it starts and the player cant play anymore?

    Is it also possible to set a start time and end time for the script launcher, in a way that i can specify “Start time” and “End Time” (or duration) for a particular script and it launches and closes accordingly?



    Hi Sagar,

    Actually the duration field is purely informational and adds a time field to the Quest item telling the user how long the Quest is expected to take.

    If you want to close a Script Launcher after a certain period of time, you could put a Timer post-condition on the Script’s main frame. This might not be quite what you’re looking for though, since the Script and any Scripts it called would silently shut down. Maybe you could have a notification with a timeout message that pops up first and then activate an “End Script” when it closes?



    Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for this. Yes that could work to end a quest.

    But what i am looking for both a start and end time for the quest. The idea being the quest option can be seen in the “Tours Window” but a player cannot play that quest until the start time criteria has been met. It could be there in the “Tours Window” but greyed out maybe? Is this achievable considering the current scheme of things?



    Ah, got it. This might actually work better using Assignments, Tasks, and Objectives:


    An Objective could be greyed out until it has an associated Task. Assignments and Tasks can also be given a timeout, although this isn’t exposed in the default Explore AR template. Quests are designed to act more like independent experiences (although there is a settings toggle that lets you run multiple Quests at the same time).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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