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    Hi Fernando,

    I’m really sorry, but I haven’t been able to debug this. I’m having trouble even getting a build with Facebook to succeed (currently complaining about Open SSL, although it’s installed and the path is set up…). It does appear that there is a conflict between Mapbox and Facebook. I found this thread where the problem is discussed, but I’m not sure what the ultimate resolution was:

    Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get the latest Mapbox SDK integrated because the code changed quite a bit.

    You may be able to remove the Mapbox SDK and use our native Mapbox implementation. The map doesn’t look quite as good since we only render image tiles (and not vector tiles), but it will hopefully allow you to avoid the conflicts.

    1. Remove the “2D Mapbox” prefab from the scene and replace it with “2D Map” (in Motive/Apps/Common/Prefabs/Map).
    2. Make sure to configure your Access Token in the “Map Box Source” component on 2D Map -> Map Texture.

    Let me know if this works!



    when i dont import or delete Mapbox, i got erros in the code inside #if MOTIVE_MAPBOX directive. I dont understand very well how preprocessor directives work so i commented the namespaces inside that directives but then get errors because i’m not importing the namespaces.



    Ups, my bad. It works after all. I just realized that some directives are actually covering more than just namespaces.

    Thanks for all the help 😉



    Hi again. I just realized i cant see the markers in the native Mapbox implmentation. They are created in the 2DMapbox/MapView but i cant show them. Any ideias?

    Screenshot at

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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