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    I have an issue with trying to do this:
    A loyalty type card where people (exchange) one collectible for another.
    My script is this-
    Welcome Screen
    Loyalty Card
    – Option 1 Yes
    – Option 2 No
    Challenge Game
    Option 1 precondition and launch new script
    Launch Loyalty card

    Loyalty Card Main
    collect #1 Visual Marker Task
    Exchange blank card for #1
    Exchange #1 for #2
    Exchange #2 for #3 and so on. with a precondition of having the previous card.

    When they start from last point it start in the right place. they may have card #5 but it starts with #1 again. I need it to run until they collect #10 and then start all over again.

    What am I doing wrong with Pre and post-conditions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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