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    Hi, I used unity assets bundles for create Motive Asset Bundles and Motive Unity Assets. I want
    to show this assets in AR camera, but don’t work.



    My best guess is that the asset bundle may not have been built for the correct platform? The process is very cumbersome right now and we’re working on a Unity plug-in that makes it much easier to create bundles for all of the platforms you’re using.



    So essentially, what your saying is that we cannot place AR objects into Motive yet. Correct?

    For example, I have this cool Unity3d object ZOMBIE see link here https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/humanoids/zombie-30232

    Can I have him located on a specific street corner in AR?



    Hey Chris – sorry for the confusion–you can definitely add 3D objects to Motive, it’s just that the process is a little bit cumbersome right now because you have to produce Unity Asset Bundles for each platform you’ll be targeting by hand. We’re developing a Unity plug-in that makes it much easier and will hopefully be ready in the next week or two. The current instructions can be found here:


    When the plug-in is ready, all of these steps will be automated into one button click. The Explore AR project should have an example of 3D objects that have been prepared using the doc above and should give you a good starting point to getting your own assets in your app.



    That is SUPER EXCITING to get that feature released! I’m pumped! How will be know when the one-click solution is available? Is there a newsletter? or …
    Thanks !



    Great news Chris, we have an alpha version up and running! Please report any issues there.
    It still shares a lot of it’s DNA with a version that was thrown together in a bit of a hackathon by me so there will be some big changes coming to it just to bring it up to our standards, but it should be working well enough to start using! 😀




    Is there a tutorial with clear instructions for this plugin. I cant seem to figure it out. Thaks

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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