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Motive.AR.LocationServices Namespace

Public classCoordinateGridStoreT
Highly optimized storage for GPS-indexed items.
Public classCoordinates
Stores lat,lng.
Public classDeadReckoningProcessor
Location reading processor that monitors footsteps and updates the player's location based on the current heading.
Public classDebugPlayerLocation
Public classDirections
Public classFactualLocation
Public classFactualLocationSearch
Public classFactualLocationSearchProvider
Public classFactualLocationSearchResponse
Public classFactualLocationSearchResponseData
Public classForegroundPositionService
Public classFoursquareCategory
Public classFoursquareCategoryMap
Public classFoursquareCategoryMapper
Public classFoursquareLocation
Public classFoursquareLocationSearch
Public classFoursquareLocationSearchProvider
Public classFoursquareResponse
Public classFoursquareSearchResult
Public classFoursquareService
Public classFoursquareVenue
Public classFoursquareVenueStats
Public classLocation
Represents a fixed location with coordinates, a name, and optionally a set of location types and story tags.
Public classLocationCache
A cache of all of the locations near the user. Populating this cache is up to the app. By default, Location Match Conditions use the locations in the cache as their location source.
Public classLocationCacheDriver
Public classLocationCacheEventArgs
Public classLocationCacheSearchFilter
Public classLocationExtendedData
Public classLocationFence
A location fence allows you to monitor one or more locations and get notified any time the user moves in or out of range of the location.
Public classLocationFencePool
Manages a pool of location fences. This is much more efficient than monitoring multiple fences individually.
Public classLocationGridStore
CoordinateGridStore Coordinate grid store for Locations.
Public classLocationMatchFilterProcessorRegistry
Registry for additional filters to add to the Location Match Condition.
Public classLocationObjectBuilder
Public classLocationReading
Location information returned by implementations of ILocationManager.
Public classLocationSearchBase
Public classLocationTracker
Use location trackers to get updates when the device position changes.
Public classLocationTrackerCompass
This compass uses the user's movement to extrapolate a compass direction. This is useful if the app is in a state where the device compass is not likely to be reliable (e.g. when the app is running in the background.) While this compass is not nearly as responsive as the device compass, it will give reasonable accurate results if the user is moving without regular, sudden changes of direction.
Public classLocationTrigger
Public classLocationTriggerPool
This class the same functionality as LocationTrigger, but allows for multiple callers.
Public classLocationTypeMapper
Use this class to create a mapping between external location category tags and Motive types.
Public classLocationUpdaterEventArgs
Public classMapquestDirectionRoute
Public classMapquestDirectionSearch
Public classMapquestDirectionSearchResult
Public classMapquestDirectionShape
Public classNoiseDampeningCompass
Public classOrientationAgnosticCompass
Public classRecentlyUsedLocationService
Public classStoryTagLocationType
Public classStoryTagLocationTypeMap
Public classUnityCompass
Public classUnityLocation
Public classUnityLocationManager
Public classUserLocationService
Public interfaceICompass
Public interfaceILocationManager
Location managers are in charge of querying and returning the current location information of the user.
Public interfaceILocationReadingProcessor
Public interfaceILocationSearch
Public interfaceILocationSearchProvider
Public interfaceILocationUpdater
Public enumerationFoursquareSearchIntent
Public enumerationLocationTriggerCheck
Specifies the type of check to perform.
Public enumerationMapquestApiType