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Motive.Core.Models Namespace

Public classAppVersionCondition
Compares the specified version using the numerical operator.
Public classCatalogT
Public classColor
Public classContent
Public classDateTimeRange
Public classDoubleRange
Public classDynamicValue
Public classFrameReplay
Public classGenericContent
Public classIntRange
Public classLinearRandomNumber
Public classLocalizedAudioContent
Public classLocalizedAudioPlaylist
Public classMediaContent
Public classMediaPlaybackProperties
Public classObjectReference
Represents a link to an external object, usually from a catalog or as a reference to another object in a script.
Public classObjectReferenceT
Object reference that will look up and return the referenced object if found.
Public classProjectConfig
A project config stores all of the data required to run your app. Motive apps query the server periodically to retrieve new configs. If there have been no changes since the last query, the call returns "NotModified". The config is stored locally on the device.
Public classProjectConfigCatalog
Public classProjectConfigExternalReferences
Public classProjectConfigInfo
Public classQRTokenModel
Public classQRTokenSpaceModel
Public classRangeT
Public classRangeBaseT
Public classScriptDirectoryItem
Usually used to represent a quest or a tour, but can be configured to represent purchasable scripted content.
Public classScriptLauncher
Public classScriptObjectStateCondition
Public classScriptTerminator
Public classScriptTimer
Public classSystemStateCondition
Public classSystemStateSetter
Public classTextMediaContent
Public classTimeSpanRange
Public classUser
Public classUserActionOrdinalCondition
Public classUserActivityCondition
Public classValueDefinition
Public classVector
Public enumerationProjectConfigItemStatus
Public enumerationPublishingStatus
Publishing status of script directory itmems.
Public enumerationSoundAttenuationMode
Public enumerationUserScope