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Motive.Gaming.Models Namespace

Public classAssignment
An assignment defines a set of "objectives" to be met by the player. Objectives can be met by completing tasks or completed directly using the Motive ObjectiveCompleter resource.
Public classAssignmentObjective
An objective in an assignment.
Public classCanCompleteObjectiveTaskCondition
A condition that is met when an objective is linked to a task that can be completed, usually a "put" or "exchange" task for which the player has the required items.
Public classCanCompleteTaskCondition
A condition that is met when a task can be completed, usually a "put" or "exchange" task for which the player has the required items.
Public classCanCraftCollectibleCondition
A condition that is met when the player has the required items in their inventory to craft the specified collectibles.
Public classCanExecuteRecipeCondition
A condition that is met when a player can execute a recipe, meaning they have the ingredients in their inventory and meet the input requirements.
Public classCharacter
Represents an NPC.
Public classCharacterMessage
A message from a character.
Public classCharacterMessageResponse
A baked-in response to a character message.
Public classCharacterTask
A task telling the user to take an action with a character.
Public classCollectible
Represents an item that can be collected. Collectibles end up in the player's Inventory.
Public classCollectibleCount
Represents a number of collectibles.
Public classCollectibleHasRecipeCondition
A condition that is met if the specified collectible has an activated recipe that can be used to craft it.
Public classCurrencyCount
Represents an amount of a currency.
Public classEntityActionActivationOption
Defines one way to activate an active entity.
Public classEntityActionAttributeValue
Public classEntityActionBehaviour
An action that an entity can take or absorb, along with the options required to take the action.
Public classFreeResponseAnswerBase
Base class for response quiz answer types.
Public classFreeResponseQuiz
A quiz that takes a freeform response.
Public classInterfaceAction
Interface actions let you add customized instructions to your app that you can control through Motive.
Public classInventoryCollectibleLimit
Used to script a limit on a particular inventory item.
Public classInventoryCollectibles
Add or remove items from a player's inventory.
Public classInventoryCondition
A condition that monitors the player's inventory.
Public classLooseMatchAnswer
A free response answer that allows a certain number of incorrect characters in the answer.
Public classMultipleChoiceQuiz
A quiz that takes multiple choice anwers.
Public classMultipleChoiceQuizResponse
Multiple choice quiz response.
Public classObjectiveActivator
Activates (or unhides) a hidden objective.
Public classObjectiveCompleter
Completes an objective with a Motive script.
Public classPlayableContent
Represents content that will be "played" directly.
Public classPlayableContentBatch
Public classPlayerReward
Adds or removes the given valuables along with a reward pop-up.
Public classPlayerTask
Base class for all tasks.
Public classPlayerTaskAttributes
Attributes that effect the behavior of tasks.
Public classQuizBase
Base class for quiz minigames.
Public classQuizResponseBase
Base class for quiz responses.
Public classRecipe
Used by the crafting system to define the inputs and outputs for crafting items.
Public classRecipeActivatedCondition
Condition that is met when the specified recipe has been activated.
Public classRecipeActivator
Activates a recipe.
Public classRecipeDeactivator
Deactivates a recipe.
Public classSavePoint
Saves the current state of the game so that it can be resumed later.
Public classScreenMessage
Represents a message pushed to the screen.
Public classScreenMessageResponse
Response to a screen message.
Public classStrictMatchAnswer
A free response answer that requires an exact match.
Public classTaskObjective
An objective to be completed as part of an assignment.
Public classTaskObjectiveCompleteCondition
A condition that is met when the given objective has been completed.
Public classTextMediaResponse
Base class for responses that take text, media, and an image.
Public classTextMustContainAnswer
A free response answer that specifies text that must exist in the answer.
Public classValuablesCollection
A collection of collectibles and currencies.
Public classWalletCondition
A condition that can monitor the currencies held in the player's wallet.
Public classWalletCurrency
Adds or removes currency from a player's wallet.
Public classWalletCurrencyLimit
Set a limit on a particular currency in the player's wallet.
Public classWeightedValuablesCollection
Valuables collection with an optional weight. Used, for example, by LocationValuables to randomly place valuables at certain locations.
Public interfaceIActiveEntity
Active entities can emit and receive actions to create sophisticated open-world game play.
Public interfaceITaskMinigame
Base interface for all task minigames.