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Motive.UI.Framework Namespace

Public classCameraGyroscope
Manages a camera on a gyroscope.
Public classEmbeddedPanelContainer
Class that represents an embedded container for panels. This allows for one to inject panels into other panels.
Public classFixedPositionTable
A table where the items are laid out in fixed positions.
Public classPanel
Represents a UI screen.
Public classPanelT
A panel that takes typed data.
Public classPanelComponent
Panel components allow panel logic to be broken out into smaller components.
Public classPanelComponentT
A panel component that takes typed data.
Public classPanelContainer
Represents a collection of panels.
Protected classPanelContainerPanelStack
Public classPanelLink
Represents a named link between panels. Useful for connecting panels as prefabs.
Public classPanelManager
The main PanelContainer for the app.
Public classPanelToggle
Toggles a panel between active and inactive.
Public classPushAndHold
Fires an event if a UI element has been held for a specified period of time.
Public classSafeAreaBottom
Used to lay out screens with designated safe areas (like iPhone X). This resizes the bottom of the screen.
Public classSafeAreaResize
Used to lay out screens with designated safe areas (like iPhone X). This represents the usable "safe" area.
Public classSafeAreaTop
Used to lay out screens with designated safe areas (like iPhone X).
Public classScrollRectGuide
Public classScrollRectHelperComponent
Helper component for managing a ScrollRect.
Public classSelectableTableItem
A table item that can be selected by the user.
Public classSnapToItem
Used to create horizontal swipeable menus.
Public classTabController
A specialized container for handling tabbed interfaces.
Public classTabControllerButton
A button used as part of a TabController.
Public classTable
Used to display a collection of items, usually in a layout group.
Public classTableComponent
A panel component that manages a Table.
Public classTablePanel
Public classTablePanelT
A panel that manages a Table.
Public classTabPanel
A panel that manages a tabbed interface.
Public enumerationPanelStackBehavior
Defines how panels behave in this container's stacks.