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Motive.Unity.AR Namespace

Public classARCoreWorldAdapter
Public classARKitCameraManager
Cloned from UnityARCameraManager with some additional features to support Motive integration.
Public classARKitHelper
Public classARKitWorldAdapter
Public classARWorld
This class manages all AR objects in a scene.
Public classARWorldAdapterBaseT
Base class for implementing AR world adapters.
Public classARWorldObject
This class is used to place objects in AR World.
Public classAugmented3dAssetObject
Represents a 3D object in AR.
Public classAugmentedAudioObject
Public classAugmentedImageObject
Public classAugmentedMediaObject
Public classAugmentedObjectBase
Public classAugmentedVideoObject
Public classDefaultWorldAdapter
An AR world adapter that uses GPS tracking for location and scene AR objects.
Public classLocationARWorldAdapterBase
Protected classLocationARWorldAdapterBaseSceneWorldObjectState
Public classLocationARWorldObject
An AR object attached to a GPS point.
Public classLocationAugmentedOptions
Concrete implementation of ILocationAugmentedOptions
Public classSceneARWorldObject
An AR object placed relative to the user.
Public classTrackableWorldAdapter
An base class for AR World Adapters with world-tracking ability, e.g., ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia Fusion.
Protected classTrackableWorldAdapterTrackedWorldObjectState
Public classVisualMarkerObject
Public classVisualMarkerWorldObject