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Motive.Unity.Apps Namespace

Public classAppManager
Manages the App lifecycle.
Public classAppManagerControls
Component that lets you manage app lifecycle that's safe for prefabs.
Public classARQuestAppControls
Drop this on a game object to control various elements of the quest app.
Public classARQuestAppSetup
App setup script for AR quest-based apps.
Public classARSetupT
Base class for setup for Location-AR apps.
Public classBeaconDirectory
Public classCharacterDirectory
Public classDarkSkyInitializer
Public classExploreAR3DUIManager
Public classExploreARUIManager
Public classInitializer
Public classLocationCategoryDirectory
Public classLocativeAudioInitializer
Public classNotificationState
Public classNotificationStore
Public classSavePointManager
Manages a set of "save points". A save point captures the app state at a given time and allows the user to restart from that point.
Public classSavePointManagerSavePointState
Public classScriptRunnerDirectory
Public classScriptRunnerManager
Manages "script runners". Can be run as a quest or tour launcher with only one runner at a time, or to handle episodic or DLC content where multiple runners may be active at once.
Public classSetupHelper
Helper methods for app setup.
Public classTodoManager
This class manages the player's "todo" list, and in particular tries to decide which particular item should be at the forefront of the list.
Public classWarpManager
Manages the "warp" feature that lets users tap-and-hold the map to move around.
Public classWorldValuablesInitializer