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Motive.Unity.Gaming Namespace

Public classActivatedRecipeManager
Public classActiveEntityManager
Public classARCatcherMinigameDriver
Driver for AR catcher minigame.
Public classARCatcherMinigameDriverDelegate
Delegate for AR catcher minigame driver.
Public classARLocationCollectionDriver
Manages collecting items at GPS locations using AR.
Public classARTaskDriver
Task driver for AR tasks.
Public classARTaskDriverBaseT
Base class for AR task drivers.
Public classAssignmentDriver
Manages the lifecycle of an assignment.
Public classCollectibleDirectory
Collectibles indexed by ID, attributes, and emitted and received actions.
Public classCollectibleSet
Public classDefaultLocationMinigameDriver
Public classFreeResponseMinigameDriver
Base class driver for free response minigames.
Public classInventory
Stores all collectibles collected by the user. Results are persisted.
Public classInventoryCollectible
Information about a collectible in the inventory.
Public classLocationMinigameDriverT
Base class for location task minigames.
Public classLocationMinigameDriverBase
Public classLocationSpawnItemContainerT
Public classLocationSpawnItemDriverEventArgsT
Public classLocationSpawnItemResultsT
Public classLocationTaskDriver
Default implementation of a Location Task Driver. This manages the lifecycle and game play of Location Tasks.
Public classLocationTreasureChestManager
Public classLocationValuablesCollectionItemContainer
Public classLocationValuablesCollectionManager
Public classLocationValuablesCollectionManagerLocationValuablesInstance
Public classLocationValuablesCollectionManagerEventArgs
Public classLocationValuablesSpawnItemDriver
Manages spawning location valuables based on locations in the location cache.
Public classMapLocationCollectionDriver
Location valuables collection driver for collecting items on the map.
Public classMultipleChoiceQuizMinigameDriver
Minigame driver for multiple choice quiz minigames.
Public classPlayerTaskDriver
Public classPlayerTaskDriverT
Public classPlayerTaskDriverT, M
Public classQuizMinigameDelegate
Handles UI elements for the Quiz minigame. Can set some preferences on how players will interact with the Quiz (location, etc.)
Public classQuizMinigameDriverBaseT
Public classRecipeDirectory
Public classRewardEventArgs
Public classRewardManager
Handles giving player "rewards."
Public classRewardManagerDelegate
Public classTaskAction
Public classTaskManager
Manages all tasks and assignments.
Public classTransactionManager
Manages transactions of collectibles. Verifies that player has items before removing from inventory/wallet.
Public classWallet
Tracks a set of key/count pairs for currencies.
Public classWalletUpdateEventArgs
Public classWorldValuablesManager
Handles world valuables set up by location valuables collections. This component distributes valuables to the various collection handlers based on the collection activity defined in the LVC.
Public interfaceIFreeResponseQuizDelegate
Public interfaceILocationCollectionDriver
Standard interface for all location collection drivers.
Public interfaceILocationMinigameDriver
Public interfaceILocationRangeTaskDriver
Interface for task drivers that support the notion of a range.
Public interfaceIMinigameDriver
Public interfaceIMultipleChoiceQuizDelegate
Public interfaceIPlayerTaskDriver
Public interfaceIRewardManagerDelegate
Public enumerationCraftingReason