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Motive.Unity.Maps Namespace

Public classAnnotationCluster
Public classAnnotationGameObject
The game object displayed when an annotation is visible on a map.
Public classARTaskAnnotationHandler
Manages map annotations for AR tasks.
Public classBingHybridSource
Public classBingSatelliteSource
Public classCloudMadeSource
Public classCompassPeek
Powers UI elements that point towards a compass heading up to a certain rotation.
Public classCustomImageAnnotation
An annotation object that displays a custom image from the Motive server.
Public classLocationTaskAnnotationHandler
Handles adding/removing/selecting location task annotations.
Public classMapAnnotation
Represents an item on the map.
Public classMapAnnotationT
Public classMapAnnotationDelegate
Default implementation of IMapAnnotationDelegate.
Public classMapAnnotationHandler
Base class for map annotation handlers.
Public classMapAnnotationHandlerT
Convenience class for handling map annotations. Maintains a location -> annotation dictionary.
Public classMapAnnotationHandlerBase
Public classMapArea
Public classMapboxInitializer
Public classMapboxLocationCacheDriver
Fills the location cache with POI data from Mapbox tiles. Maps the maki and OSM types to Motive location types.
Public classMapBoxSource
Public classMapController
The map controller interprets user input and sends it to the MapView and manages the annotations on the map.
Public classMapControllerCommands
Attaches to game objects to expose MapController commands.
Public classMapControllerEvent
Public classMapControllerEventArgs
Public classMapInput
Calculate swipe and zoom for the map based on multi-touch.
Public classMapInput3D
Input for 3D maps.
Public classMapInputEvent
Public classMapInputEventArgs
Public classMapQuestSatelliteSource
Public classMapQuestStreetSource
Public classMapTexture
Public classMapTextureUpdateEventArgs
Public classMapTileDriver
Public classMapTileDriverUpdateEventArgs
Public classMapView
Public classMapViewWrapper
Uses a TileDriver to render Mapbox tiles.
Public classMoveWithMap
Attach to a game object to make it move with the map. Can also be used to create static elements that replace a map.
Public classMoveWithMapTexture
Makes a game object move with a MapTexture.
Public classQuadKeySourceBase
Public classRendererOperation
Public classResizeWithMapZoom
Attach to a game object to resize it in step with the map.
Public classRotateWithCompass
Rotates a game object with the compass.
Public classSelectedLocationPanelHandler
Base class for handling selected location panels. A selected location panel is displayed when the user selects a location on the map.
Public classSimpleMapAnnotationHandler
Simple annotation handler for MapAnnotaions.
Public classSimpleMapAnnotationHandlerT
Base class for handling map annotations with a selected location panel and one game object prefab.
Public classSingletonMapAnnotationHandlerT
Public classSingletonSimpleMapAnnotationHandlerT
Public classSingletonSimpleMapAnnotationHandlerT, M
Simple map annotation handler that acts as a singleton.
Public classSingletonTaskAnnotationHandlerT, D
Handles annotations for task map annotations.
Public classThirdPersonAnnotationController
Controls for 3D map avatars.
Public classTileCache
Public classTileId
Public classTileRequest
Public classTileService
Public classTileSource
Public classUserAnnotation
Public structureClusterId
Public interfaceIAnnotation
Public interfaceIMapAnnotationDelegate
Attached to MapAnnotations to handle events from the MapController.
Public interfaceIMapTileRenderer
Public interfaceIMapViewDelegate
Public interfaceIOverlay
Public interfaceITileSource