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Motive.Unity.UI Namespace

Public classARAnnotationContainer
Represents an annotation for an AR object displayed on the AR canvas.
Public classARAnnotationItem
Public classARAnnotationViewController
Public classARCatcherPanelT
Panel used by the ARCatcher minigame.
Public classARGuideComponent
Displays a "guide" on the AR canvas with instructions and arrows to guide the user to point their device in the right direction.
Public classARGuideData
Public classARHud
Debug component for testing AR mode.
Public classARInteractiveCollectibleItem
Represents a collectible item that you can use in AR mode.
Public classARInteractiveCollectiblesManager
Manages a set of collectibles that the player can use in AR mode.
Public classARQuestAppUIManager
Manages the UI state of an AR quest app, e.g. toggling between AR and map mode.
Public classARSelectPanelT
Public classARTargetIndicator
Public classARTaskInfoComponent
Displays AR Task information.
Public classARViewManager
Manages the AR view panels, including the Guide Panel (arrows and instructions), Task Complete Panel (checkmark for task completion), Assignment Complete Panel (checkmark for assignment completion).
Public classAssignmentCompletePanelPusher
Automatically pushes the specified panel when an assignment is complete.
Public classAssignmentInfoComponent
Displays assignment information.
Public classAssignmentItem
Base class for assignment items.
Public classAssignmentItemInfo
Displays information for an assignment item.
Public classAssignmentItemInfoComponent
Displays assignment item info (task or objective).
Public classAssignmentItemPanelSelectComponent
A component that pushes a panel with assignment item data. For example, if you attach this to a panel with an AssignmentItemTableComponent, it will push the info panel when the user selects an assignment item.
Public classAssignmentItemTableComponent
Displays a set of assignment items (tasks or objectives) in a table.
Public classAssignmentTodoItemPanelPusher
Automatically pushes a panel with Assignment Item information when there's a new Assignment Item from the TodoManager.
Public classAttractionContentItem
Public classAttractionDetailsPanel
Public classAttractionInfoComponent
Public classAttractionInteractibleItem
Public classAttractionItemBase
Public classAudioContentPlayerComponent
Component for playing back audio on a panel.
Public classAudioMeter
Displays an audio waveform meter.
Public classAudioSubpanel
Simple component for handling audio playback for a MediaItem.
Public classAudioVideoEmbeddedPanel
Public classBeaconItem
Public classBeaconsPanel
Displays a list of beacons.
Public classButtonClickSound
Utility component for adding a "click" sound to buttons.
Public classCharacterDialogPanel
Displays a character message that has responses.
Public classCharacterDialogResponseItem
Table item for character message responses.
Public classCharacterMessageComponent
Displays character message info.
Public classCharacterMessagePanel
Displays a Character Message.
Public classCharacterTaskItem
Public classCheckpointPanel
Displays a list of save points.
Public classCheckpointTableItem
Table item for save points.
Public classCollectibleCollectionDetailsPanel
Displays a set of collectibles in sequence. Good for apps that want to reward a player with multiple items and show them details for each one.
Public classCollectibleTableItem
Table item for displaying collectible information.
Public classControlsPanel
Controls that are to be shared across video and audio panels.
Public classControlsSubPanel
Public classDebugSettingsPanel
Displays and manages a set of debug settings for Motive apps.
Public classDynamicConfigLoginPanel
Panel that lets the user log into Motive and select a config to run.
Public classExecuteRecipeComponent
Manages the "execute recipe" flow.
Public classExecuteRecipePanel
Panel that handles executing a recipe. This panel is designed for recipes with up to 3 inputs and one collectible output.
Public classFreeResponseQuizComponent
Public classFreeResponseQuizPanel
Public classFullScreenWebCam
Displays a webcam texture fullscreen.
Public classImageContentComponent
Displays image MediaContent
Public classInventoryAudioPanel
Displays an inventory item with an audio attachment.
Public classInventoryCollectiblePanel
Used for displaying inventory item details.
Public classInventoryCraftPanel
A version of an InventoryPanel used for craftable inventory items.
Public classInventoryDetailsComponent
Used with an inventory panel to show details for an inventory item.
Public classInventoryImagePanel
Used for displaying inventory items with attached images.
Public classInventoryItemMonitor
Monitors inventory and updates a UI table.
Public classInventoryPanel
Displays the items in a player's inventory. Can either show only items in the inventory or have blank spaces for items that still need to be collected.
Public classInventoryScreenMessagePanel
Displays inventory items with attached screen messages.
Public classInventoryTableItem
Table item for displaying inventory items.
Public classInventoryVideoPanel
Used for displaying inventory items with attached video.
Public classLayoutHelper
Utility class that can apply a Motive Layout to various objects.
Public classLoadingPanel
Main Motive splash screen. Handles various startup errors.
Public classLocationAttractionItem
Public classLocationCategorySelectItem
Used for screens that let the user select locations by category.
Public classLocationCategorySelectPanel
Panel that lets the user select from a list of location types.
Public classLocationTaskActionButtonHandlerComponent
Manages the state of location task action buttons on a panel.
Public classLocationTaskItem
Public classLocationTaskLocationPanel
Selected annotation panel for displaying location task annotations.
Public classLocationValuablesCollectionPanel
Selected location panel for collecting location valuables.
Public classLocativeAudioSelectPanelComponent
Displays locative audio information for a locative audio map annotation.
Public classLoginPanel
Handles user login flow.
Public classMapMarkerInfoComponent
Displays map annotation information.
Public classMediaContentComponent
Base component for displaying data from a MediaContent object.
Public classMediaItemComponent
A base component for displaying data from a MediaItem object.
Public classMultipleChoiceQuizComponent
Public classMultipleChoiceQuizPanel
Panel for multiple choice quizzes.
Public classNotificationPanel
Displays a notification playable.
Public classObjectiveAssignmentItem
An assignment item represented by an objective.
Public classObjectiveAssignmentItemTodoSetterComponent
Sets a todo override if a user selects an objective assignment item.
Public classObjectiveInfoComponent
Displays objective information.
Public classObjectiveInfoPanelSelectComponent
Pusshes a panel with Objective information when an objective info item is selected.
Public classObjectiveItem
Displays objective information in a table.
Public classOptionsDialogPanel
Displays a set of options for the user.
Public classOptionsDialogPanelData
Public classPlayableAudioPanel
Displays playable audio.
Public classPlayableImagePanel
Displays playable images.
Public classPlayableMediaPanel
Base panel for displaying playable media.
Public classPlayableVideoPanel
Displays playable video.
Public classPlayerTaskInfoComponent
Displays information for a player task. Takes a driver.
Public classPointerEvents
Exposes various pointer events.
Public classPopPanel
Used to pop a panel at the end of a pop animation.
Public classPopTimerComponent
Pops a panel after a set period of time.
Public classQuizComponentBaseDriver, Quiz
Base panel component for quiz minigames.
Public classQuizPanelT
Public classQuizPanelMCItem
Multiple choice item for quiz.
Public classQuizSuccessPanel
Public classRegisterPanel
Used to register your users in your app's user domain.
Public classResourcePanelDataT
Base class for resources sent to panels along with their activation context.
Public classRewardPanel
Displays a reward or rewards given to the player. Is a singleton.
Public classScreenDialogPanel
Public classScreenDialogResponseItem
Response item for screen message.
Public classScreenMessageComponent
Displays screen message information.
Public classScreenMessagePanel
Displays Screen Messages.
Public classScriptRunnerSelectItem
Represents a single script runner in a table of script runners.
Public classScriptRunnerSelectItemEventArgs
Public classScriptRunnerSelectPanel
A panel that shows a list of Script Runners for the user to launch. Can be used for "one at a time" script runners (useful for tourism apps) or DLC-style apps that can launch multiple runners at a time.
Public classSelectedAnnotationPanelT
Base class for selected location panels that take a MapAnnotation.
Public classSelectedLocationPanel
Default selected location panel that takes a MapAnnotation.
Public classSelectedLocationPanelBaseT
Base class for handling selected location panels that take typed data.
Public classSetPanelReady
Sets the panel's "IsReady" flag at the end of a push animation.
Public classSettingsToggle
Used in the debug screen to toggle player settings.
Public classSimpleAudioPlayerComponent
A panel component for panels with media items for playing audio from a media item. Optionally autoplays.
Public classSoundViewWidget
Displays the waveform of an IAudioPlayer.
Public classStatusPanel
Debug panel that can display various Motive diagnostics.
Public classTaskActionButtonHandlerComponent
Public classTaskActionButtonHandlerComponentT
Shows/displays action buttons on a task info panel based on the task action.
Public classTaskActionItem
Public classTaskAssignmentItem
An assignment item represented by a task.
Public classTaskAssignmentItemTodoSetterComponent
Sets a task as a todo override if selected by a user from an assignment panel.
Public classTaskDetailsPanel
Public classTaskExchangeConfirmPanel
Used to let the player confirm an exchange before completing an exchange task.
Public classTaskInfoComponentT
Base class for displaying task info from an IPlayerTaskDriver.
Public classTaskInfoPanelSelectComponent
Pushes a task info panel when sent a task driver.
Public classTaskItem
Displays task information in a table.
Public classTaskNotification
A toast notification to alert the user of a new task.
Public classTaskNotifier
Can be used to show notifications for new tasks as they come in.
Public classTaskPanel
Displays a list of tasks for the user to do.
Public classTestScriptItem
Used to display a script that can be launched directly by the user.
Public classTestScriptItemEventArgs
Public classTestScriptsPanel
Debug panel that displays a list of scripts the user can launch.
Public classTextImageItem
Common base class for many table items that display text and an image.
Public classTextMediaPopupPanel
General purpose panel for displaying text with optional connected audio.
Public classTextMediaResponseItem
Common base class for text media response items (e.g., for character/ screen dialogs).
Public classToDoPanel
Public classTodoPreviewPanelHandler
Monitors the todo manager and displays a panel for the current todo item if possible. This is important for guiding the user through their experience.
Public classTodoTaskSetterComponent
Panel component that sets a task todo override.
Public classToggleObject
Utility component that toggles game objects.
Public classUnityVideoSubpanel
VideoSubpanel that uses Unity's video player.
Public classUpgradeRequiredPanel
Used to prompt the user to upgrade their app.
Public classUserInputSlider
Slider implementation that can distinguish between updates from the user sliding the item vs. updates that come from updating the slider value directly. Used in audio and video playback controls.
Public classVideoContentPlayerComponent
Displays video content in a VideoSubpanel.
Public classVideoControls
Controls for video playback.
Public classVideoSubpanel
Abstract base class for video playback.
Public classWalletMonitor
Monitors a player's wallet for a particular currency and updates a text element with the count.
Public classWarpPanel
Handles the "warp" feature.
Public classWayfinderComponent
Panel component that displays a compass and distance to a location.