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Motive.Unity.Utilities Namespace

Public classAnalyticsHelper
Wrapper class to connect to custom analytics system.
Public classApplicationHelper
Helper methods for identifying the type of device the app is running on.
Public classBuildSettings
Manage the build configuration for the project.
Public classColorHelper
Public classDeactivateOnStart
Public classDisableForBuildConfig
Disables objects and components for the specified build config.
Public classDisableOnPlatform
Disable the object this is attached to on certain platforms.
Public classEnableOnPlatform
Public classExclusiveUpdater
Used for background -> foreground transitions when you don't want the calls from the background to queue up (as they do with ThreadHelper.CallOnMainThread).
Public classImageLoader
This class handles loading images downloaded from the Motive server.
Public classLiveUpdater
Calls Update on a regular timer in a non-Unity thread.
Public classNukeForRelease
Destroys the game object its attached to if running in release mode.
Public classObjectHelper
Helper calls to activate/deactivate sets of objects. Does null checks so the caller doesn't have to.
Public classSettingsHelper
Helper class for using PlayerPrefs.
Public classSingletonComponentT
Public classSingletonPanelT
Public classSingletonPanelT, D
Public classStringFormatter
Handles various string formats for consistency.
Public classTextHelper
Public classTextUpdater
When invoked, applies the specified settings to text.
Public classThreadHelper
Allows callers in a non-Unity thread to call into a Unity thread.
Public classUnityAssetLoader
Helper class for loading Unity assets from asset bundles.
Public classVersionNumber
Displays the app version number.
Public classVideoHelper
Helper class for video playback.
Public enumerationBuildConfig