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Platform Class

Main integration point for platform-specific features.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Motive
Assembly:  Assembly-CSharp (in Assembly-CSharp.dll) Version:
public class Platform : SingletonComponent<Platform>

The Platform type exposes the following members.

Public methodPlatform
Initializes a new instance of the Platform class
Public propertyAccelerometer
Public propertyAppDataPath
Public propertyAudioChannel
Public propertyBeaconManager
Public propertyCachePath
Public propertyIsInBackground
Returns true if the app is currently running in the background.
Public propertyIsLiveSession
Returns true if there is currently a live session requested.
Public propertyIsLiveSessionRunning
Public propertyIsLiveSessionSuspended
Returns true if there is a live session running, but it has been suspended.
Public propertyLocalNotificationManager
Public propertyLocationManager
Public propertyLocationTrackerCompass
Public propertyNoiseReducedCompass
Public propertyPedometer
Public propertyStreamingAssetsPath
Public propertySystemCompass
Public propertyUserDataPath
Protected methodAwake (Overrides SingletonComponentTAwake.)
Public methodClearSystemState
Clears a system state.
Public methodCreateAudioPlayer
Creates an audio player using the default channel.
Public methodCreateAudioPlayerChannel
Creates an audio player channel.
Public methodCreateSpatialAudioPlayerChannel
Creates a spatial audio player channel for positional sound.
Public methodDownloadsComplete
Public methodDuckSystemSounds
Duck system sounds, for example when playing back narrator audio.
Protected methodEnterBackground
Protected methodExitBackground
Public methodFireInteractionEvent
Fires an interaction event that gets pushed into the Scripting system.
Public methodInitialize
Protected methodPauseAudio
Public methodPlaySound
Plays a one-shot sound from a Motive resource.
Protected methodResumeAudio
Public methodResumeLiveSession
Resume a previously suspended session.
Public methodSetSystemState
Sets system state that Motive scripts can use.
Public methodStartLiveSession
Requests a live session for the caller.
Public methodStartSensors
Public methodStopLiveSession
Stops a live session for the caller.
Public methodSuspendLiveSession
Suspend a live session.
Public methodUnduckSystemSounds
Unduck sounds, for example when a narrator audio track has completed.
Public fieldCompass
Public fieldCompassType
Public fieldEnableBackgroundAudio
Enable background audio if native plugins are available.
Public fieldEnableBackgroundLocation
Enable background location if native plugins are available.
Public fieldEnableBackgroundNotifications
Enable system background notifications if native plugins are available.
Public fieldEnableBeacons
Enable beacons if native plugins are available.
Public fieldEnableNotifications
Enable system notifications if native plugins are available.
Public fieldEncryptionIV
Public fieldEncryptionKey
Public fieldOnEnterBackground
Public fieldOnExitBackground
Public fieldOnPauseAudio
Public fieldOnResumeAudio
Public fieldScreenSleepBehavior
Public fieldSmoothLocationUpdates
Public fieldUseDeadReckoning
Public fieldUseEncryption
Public fieldUseNativeDownloader
If true, uses a native implementation of the file downloader (iOS only). This can improve download performance by up to 50%.
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